Sunday, December 9, 2012

Newfound Inspiration

Supper at my momma's house

Mom skyping with 
my aunt Lek in Thailand
at the dinner table
Mom showing my aunt 
a close up of the corncob, naturally

Seeing Twilight with my sister
who recently turned 18 

I've started preparing for Christmas:

The advent calendar I made for Lotte

Vidar decorating gingerbread cookies

And then my stupid camera died:

I hated that stupid camera that I bought in China. It just killed any desire to photograph

I need something fool proof. I'm a complete technical idiot.

So, the other day I emptied my bank account and bought a new camera.

My first self portrait with the new camera
My first photo with the new camera
of the remote control and my
lunch consisting of left over beef stew 

My first photo with the new camera of
the plant in the window sill 
that Vidar takes care of 

And I'm like: "Heck, yeah! I'm feeling this camera!"

And suddenly I felt inspired again, for the first time in over a year!

I needed something real to photograph - stat!

My former colleague, Elisabeth, has just had her first baby, so I went to snap some shots of the beautiful momma and nearly three-month-old Gabriel.


Lol, and then Elisabeth tried to take some photos
 of me together with Gabriel,

and since all of the photos were blurry,
I guess my camera isn't 'that' fool proof after all

That kind of made me happy, haha! 



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