Thursday, August 20, 2009

My momma

Hey, guys!

In the spirit of the Thai Mother's day, I'd like ya'll to meet my momma. She's from Hua Hin, in Thailand, but spent many years studying and working in Bangkok before she went to Norway as a 29-year-old.

I cant 't imagine how difficult it must have been, leaving Thailand and the busy life in Bangkok, coming to this God forsaken country..

.. raising these couple of crazy kids all by herself..

... and taking care of this grumpy ol' cat.

She sure has sacrificed a lot for us.

She still gets surprised whenever people speaks to her in English when she's in Thailand, assuming she's not Thai. Jugding by this picture, who can blame them. She looks like a tourist in her own country.

She's been living in Norway for more than 21 years now, learned the language and even studied some more at a university here. She is working together with Norwegians and being a true resource to the community.

But I assure you, she still is Thai.

.. And still loves the king.

She taught me to take care of my little sister..

And to love my family..

She has taken us travelling everywhere..

.. and she even taught us Thai!

Can you believe I came out of her?

My mom never chooses the easiest path. She is a fighter and an inspiration, and I am proud to be her daughter.

Happy Mother's day, momma!


Dag said...

Du har en kul mamma, Kine! Hun er seg selv.

siriporn said...


ZappyGuy said...

siriporn is ur mother?