Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yukata Party

Looking a bit..
stupid, you say?
Why thank you,
I've been practising

Warning: partial nudity may occur in this blog post. (Yeah!!)

Asaki ordered yukatas from Japan for us all.

A yukata is a kind of casual
kimono, and after two years of studying Japanese and having lived in Japan, this is the first time I've worn anything this Japanese.

I guess it was the inevitable.

So today we gathered at Benedicte's house for a little yukata fiesta.

Here goes:

was happy with her

we've all befriended a malfunctioning Japanese person, 'cause Asaki didn't know how to put the yukata on either.

It turns out Japanese women rarely wear garments like yukata - and Asaki has never worn a kimono in her life.

Luckily, our trusty ol' friend youtube was there to assist us.



What about me and my yukata?

I've lost a bunch of weight since
I got back from Japan
I'm a skinny bitch

Ready for some skin?
I am an
attention whore
after all

Hello, youtube

Somewhere behind me
there's a little Japanese person




Then we looked at the photo album Benedicte had carefully assembled from the semester in Japan.

Karoline and Benedicte dressed up as Geishas
posing together with Petter

My picture of Wictoria
from out pancake stint

I love this photo of Petter

Then, we binged:

Asaki making waffles
Norwegian style

The Endo.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Momma's Birthday

The 49-year-old birthday-momma

I haven't been blogging lately because my life has been even more uneventful than usual.

The past three weeks I've been working, going to the gym, sleeping, going to the gym, working, sleeping *copy/paste routine times X*

School starts in a few weeks, so right now I'm trying to cram in as many shifts as possible while I still have the time to work extra.


My momma turned 49 the other day. So I took her to our favourite Thai restaurant outside Thailand: Rice Bowl in Oslo.

Deep-fried tofu
No wonder Japan and I didn't get along too well
Anyway, it was for my momma

We could eat at this joint every day!

I paparazzied the waiter
while he was taking a break
outside the shop
across the street

Later I met up with Vidar and Jakob in the park.

Eventful day, I know


Can you believe this guy is up for grabs??


Once in a blue moon
the weather is warm enough to sit outside
Norwegians make sure to
make use of it

Then, I had to show off my new lip gloss that I was excited about (eventful life, remember)

Screw acing Japanese
I want to be a makeup artist!

Vidar liked it too.

In Norway
beer grows in
the grass

Vidar with gunk in his hair

The End.