Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Mommies

On Saturday there was a Halloween party hosted by Anette's landlord, upstairs neighbour and our friend, Rune.

But first, I had to block Anette's view of the mirror while she was trying to get ready for her bouncer-job.

No excuse not to get drunk


Rune is one of the few people
who can dress as himself on

(Some things never get old)

Oh, and there was
a dead body in the basement

*Insert party festivites here*

(not any photos from the party, as I didn't want ruin my madeup face by schmearing it all over the camera)

Anette's mom is on vacation, and for the next two weeks Anette is going to mother her three-year-old half sister, Elena.

The three of us spent Sunday together, like a big and happy (gay?) family.

Norwegian style waffles
with rasberry jam and sour cream
(and ice cream)

But Elena is a pretty cunning kid. She kept saying random stuff like "You can't come home with me". Like I cared.

Then I was like, "Am I being bullied by a three-year-old?"

"Listen, missy. I don't want to go play at your house, anyway"

*come here you*

Then I called mom to see if we could come by later

(hey, if it aint documented by a photo, seemingly it didn't happen)

But first we went on a hike to run off the sugar rush caused by rasberry jam and hot cocoa:

of course,
was impeccably dressed
to go on a hike

At mom's house the new monkey in the herd had to be carefully inspected.


Then mom remembered that she loves kids


Safran-tea and mom-made spring rolls

Cradling the cat