Friday, April 27, 2012

Cooking with Lin Laoshi

working on his army
- geek


I cook!

.. and continue procrastinating, while the final Chinese exam is approaching in rapid speed

Thai green curry

Salt-crusted baked potatoes

Yesterday, Lin Laoshi had invited all of the Chinese-studying students on campus to come and enjoy his cooking; 

and he made a signature Chinese dish - and a continuously recurring in our Chinese textbooks during freshman year one at that - Liang ban huang gua (Pickled cucumber salad).

Here's some photos!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2nd Anniversary & Celebrating Easter

On April 1th, Vidar and I celebrated our second anniversary.


We went to the Nighthawk Diner for supper:


Their aku-aku burger, my favourite! Yum!

Blueberry pie

preparing our raw fish
and veggies 

before we catch up on the latest
episode of America's Next Top Model
and Norway's Best Fighter on TV
- the best of both worlds?
.. ehhr

Aaaaaaand yesterday we went to Vidar's momma's house for supper:

We each got our easter eggs filled with candy!

I got my egg last year, but Vidar has had his egg since he was three-years-old:

showing a ingenious device
for peeling oranges