Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judgement Day

Today is judgement day, according to some Christian fanatics.

I've put the day to good use.

Still waiting for the rapture, though.

Yesterday Lilly, Lotte and I took our teachers Wang and Song to Taste of China for some Dim Sum, as a thanks for their hard work this past semester.





Food approved

Then, the stupid waiter, noticing how I was constantly taking photos, insisted that he'd take a photo of us.

I hate photos like these, all with forced smiles.


And then he also said that I "needed to get a better camera" and that he didn't like Nikon, and asked why I had the camera setting on so and so, and I was like "take the fucking photo and get lost, I don't give a rats ass", through gritted teeth.

Often when people see you've got an SLR camera, a lot of idiots automatically assume you've actually got an interest for the technical/material stuff (these people are often the same ones who buy and flash fancy and expensive gear, even though they're hardly able to use the stuff - let alone able to actually capture anything in their photos).

I take pride in my humble gear and for setting an example that you don't need a lot of fancy and expensive equipment to take decent photos.

Just look at some of my shots at the right hand side bar on this blog - those are all photos taken with my Nikon D60 (the cheapest SLR-camera they had in the store when I bought it more than two years ago) with either the lense that came with it (don't even ask what mm blah blah I don't know) or a portrait lense with manual focus. And then I edit the photos using "Photoshop for idiots", aka. Adobe Lightroom, because I think it's fun.

Chicken feet

On this final day of earth's existence Vidar and I started the day with a fierce match of Warhammer.

My geek of a boyfriend.

I naturally beat his ass
by throwing this piece of, ehr, hill, like a frisbee,
knocking down all of his figures
(that's how I roll)

The see-through shirt was used as
a distraction, of course

But wait a minute.

Where have you seen those eyes before?

Wait for it...

(Photo source:

We'll probably get kids who can see dead people.

Look at this stupid sweater.

I actually paid good money
for a sweater that's both see-through
'and' has a big built-in hole
in the back

Hey, it hangs in the store,
I'll buy it.

Then I met up with this crazy (cat-) lady on a Oslo-run to buy groceries at the Asian market shop;

my momma.

Just what I was looking for!

Out in the parking lot, immediately after securing the goods, we had ourselves a little picnic in the car

Eating Durian,
the fruit with the odor
that has been compared to
garbage, old vomit and suage

It takes an acquired taste,
but I've grown up with this fruit
and love it!

My mom really loves durian,
check her out,
gnawing at it for dear life
in the background

one of my favourite
Asian fruits

So sweet and juciy!

Our picnic came complete with a nice view:

Mom offering the peeing man a rambutan

Then we decided to move our picnic to a place with a drastic change of scenery:

The Norwegian king's castle in the background

It was freezing cold, the wind was blowing and we were the only crazy people having a picnic - particulary right in front of the castle, with all of the tourists huddling past us.

I love my mom.

She's so stubborn, often choosing to walk upstream, almost out of spite. "We've gotta think for ourselves, Keena, and do what's best for us - to hell with other people and what they might think".

If you think I'm crazy.

Well, I got it from somewhere.

Spicy salad
with shrimps, beetroot,
caroots and other stuff

Then, we walked past a bed of tulips and it was my mom's turn to shriek "hold it!" and grab for her fancy photo equipment, safely protected by her hi-so "camera bag":

no matter where she goes
she looks like a tourist

Then we stumbled upon two girls smelling the red carpet outside McDonald's, or "planking", if you will.

They got embarassed when I started to take photos of them and asked if I was "taking photos for a magazine".

That's the difference between me and mom when taking photos. She looks like a tourist, I get asked if I take photos for a magazine.

High five!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating the Norwegian National Day

This time of year is filled with (desperate) studying, preparing for exams and writing of term papers.

In between I squeeze in time to enjoy spring..

.. and lunches on campus with hot Asian chicks.


After more than a year of intensive training, I'm finally able to harvest the fruits of my labor:

Vidar, cleaning my bathroom
- and we don't even live together!

And ironing my skirt..

(I'm really just kidding. Vidar does this stuff out of free will, well most of the time - no training aquired. Damn, what a good catch!)

.. just in time for:

The Norwegian national day!

Thuesday May 17th I got a break from studying for the Chinese exam next week, to celebrate the Norwegian national day.

I REALLY want a Norwegian national costume (and a Thai one, for that matter), but it is insanely expensive.

Maybe one day when I'm rich.

Snapping self-portraits,
waiting for the bus to
Vidar's momma's house
(while Vidar is looking the other way,
trying not to get too embarassed)


I made cheesecake!


Back to studying.