Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ultimate Test

IiiiK, one week away from the final Japanese exam, and I haven't started studying for it yet..

.. oh, well

So, this morning, we gathered for a semi-study circle at Petter's place


Petter & Benedicte

And THEN -

I put Vidar through the ultimate test

Poor guy.


Meeting my momma for the first time

And my kid sister
Who at least looks a little less crazy

Peace offering action:

"Does he need a carrot?"
*Vidar* "No, thank you, I'm fine"

"Sure he does"


*Good boyfriend*

Then we went to McDonald's - Reinthong/LangÄrd style:

Can you spot my momma?

In our household
"Sitting properly by the table"
Was never a subject

Vidar and Veronika
shop at the same store

Mom is 'so' comfortable

Then I asked for a hug

Luckily I was her TaeKwon-Do instructor for only a year. Besides, I'm bigger and stronger

"Veronika, this is our momma
She's strange
But we gotta love her"

"Come here you"

Look at her
Smiling bravely
My arm is functioning
as a straitjacket

Then, she got loose

She was never seen again

22 years in Norway
And my momma still manages
to look like a tourist

In the voice of Borat:

Great success!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Childhood Return

Blog post number 100!

Yesterday we all gathered at Anette's house to celebrate her 22nd (..?) birthday:


It was a birthday party like I'd always wanted as a kid (ehm.. except for the alcohol)

My 15-year-old kid sister

Thank you, Veronika
For chopping off my giant forhead
I was just thinking that
it needed a trim

in full soccer gear


Then, it started to rain on our parade

And we had to get a whole project going, putting up a tarp over the shabang

It was full of interesting creepy crawlers


No kids birthday without someone eating a slug




Boozed jello


It was horr.. ehr delicious
(Thank you for making them, Heidi)

Then it was time for my best friend's nap, and we all had to go home.

The End