Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Momma's TaeKwon-Do Practice

Lots of knickknacks in
Anette's apartment..


Bright and early Sunday morning we got up from a rather festive night out.

Anette needs to brush her hair, btw

We were "The three friends, and Pål"


Then, I went to see my momma. I haven't seen her since she helped me move when I got back from Japan.

She was pretty happy to see me, see:

My momma's slippers

I look like a result from
Frankenstein having a baby with a pig.

After a nap I went to my old TaeKwon-Do school to watch my momma during her practice.

My do-jang for eight years

My momma's still like a kid

Drop and give me 50!

Can you believe she's almost 50?!

Watcha doin', momma?

Wrapping Ordeal

I spent the weekend with this chick:


Her apartment is full of tendants that's not paying any rent.

I'm not afraid of spiders, but still, having one of these sneak up on me almost made me choke on a piece of candy.

On Saturday we had to prepare for Daniel's birthday party by wrapping the gift we'd gotten him.

But Anette wasn't completely satisfied with the job, considering we only had bland and boring wrapping paper at hand..

So she started to get creative..

.. and stuck a bunch of random things laying around to the package with scotch tape:

A piece of gum, another half-eaten pack of gum, two almonds,
chocolate paper..

wait! Then we suddenly noticed the spider that I had mercilessly put through a highly involunarily photo shoot complete with a bright flash the evening before.

And the shock and horror from it had obviously made it.. croak.

I don't think Anette should
start a wrapping company
any time soon..

Still, Anette felt that the gift wasn't ready. It was missing something..

Almost like compressing flowers!

It didn't die in vain, after all! :D