Monday, May 28, 2012

Koeti Aramboy in Norway

Yesterday my momma and I had tickets for a show with some hot-shot Thai comedians currently touring in Europe. 

But first we stopped by my friend Nampueng's house for some delicious kiew tiew - noodle soup.

My mom is a fan of one of the comedians, Koeti.

I was mostly there as company - my Thai is not that good and updated that I'm able to enjoy all of the (bad) jokes.

Besides, I felt most of my job was to serve as a body guard for my yittle momma, and protect her from all of the drunk and stupid people stumbling around and spilling their tequila shots, not being able to get it in their drunken mouths.

Ugh, annoying drunk people are annoying no matter the nationality.

As soon as the show started twenty people crammed in the area in front of the stage, everyone with their stupid smart phone. I hate smart phones. They make you look stupid.

Everyone were so preoccupied with making sure to get a video of the performances on their phones, they weren't really paying attention to the performance itself. What is the point? You go to a show, videotape it without paying attention and enjoying the moment, just to have a video of the ordeal so that you can brag to your friends afterwards?



But in my defense, I didn't really care about the performances. And I didn't shove my gear in anyones faces.

I got the vibe that this guy was
probably popular in the eighties
or something,
still trying to milk it for its worth,
flashing his veneers,
and taking his shirt off at any 


(My mom is so going to send me
a text message demanding me
to delete this photo)

The (Thai) party ain't over
until the ugly ladyboy

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alba's Birthday Party

Not Alba

Yesterday I went to the 5th birthday party of the daughter of two of my former TaeKwon-Do instructors, Camilla and Roy.

Balloons, cup cakes and musical chairs - oh my! I definitely should get more peeps in kindergarden age: way better shindigs.


Alba and momma Camilla


Alba's yittle brother, Melvin

Whoop, whoop!