Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paperwork and Random Sheit

Want a bunch of totally random photos?

Here ya go.

A few weeks ago I took a few photos of Amaia's niece, Angela.

Asian babies are so cute!!

The other day Vidar and I went to Lotte and Thomas' house for a movie-afternoon, watching scary movies.

I've also been to the Chinese embassy to apply for student Visa.

.. and I've been taking pictures of my turkey-dinner

... and making sinful carrot cake

.. and going to P'Pueng's house for some noodle soup

P'Pueng's daughter

whom I first met when she worked at the cafeteria
at my faculty

who lived in Bangkok for six years
and has finished a bachelor's degree
at Mahidol Uni.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Visiting Dad, Semi-Photoshoot & Oslo Sea Food Festival 2011

On Friday we celebrated Vidar's pay check and went to the hands down best Thai restaurant - at least outside Thailand.

I can't praise Rice Bowl enough. The food tastes authentic and of love - and it's even cheap!

This small Thai restaurant in Oslo is always full, but it's well worth the wait. You won't get better Thai food in Thailand! This is where my momma goes when she misses home.

Big bowl of Sea food Tom Yam noodle soup for 90 NOK

And yesterday I dragged my man to see my other (old) man:

Someone has had a head/face shave..

My 16-year-old sister, Veronika

Dad served some lovely dead carcus

And we even got ice cream!

Then I shoved my sister outside to take some photos.

And I felt a bit jealous, so today I handed my camera to Dag, who actually know what he's doing, and made him take a bunch of self-loving photos of ME!

And then, we stumbled upon some lost and lonely stray woman:

.. and I wanted to cheer her up

.. but she hardly even reacted to my approach.

No wonder I've grown to be such an attention whore, seeing how hard it is to get my mom's.

Kine & Momma

Strip! Strip!

Complaining that she has to suck in her stomach

Then I found myself a girlfriend that matched my own vulgarness:

.. God, she must endure a lot of abuse from bypassers

Yay! We went to the Sea Food Festival and stuffed our faces!



King crab

Mom, meeting Dag for the first time, said that
he looked "much younger than on TV"
And by TV, she, of course, ment Facebook

Whale stew, paella and king crab - oh my!