Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back in Norway

No, not really
Just a boring picture from the flight

Gah, I've been back in Norway for three days, and I'm still jetlagged. Does that mean I'm getting old? At 5 a.m this morning I couldn't sleep anymore and got up and made.. popcorn. Yep.

The flight was long. But remember, I've survived a 14-hour busride in a super-small seat and no toilet onboard, so I've been through worse.

At the airport in Oslo I was greeted by:

Who's that hot momma, you're probably thinking
Well, it happens to be
hot momma

My 15-year-old kid sister

And it took exactly three minutes before my mother already got on my nerves and I wanted to cry. Gotta love that family bond!

Then we hopped (well, maybe not "hopped" considering my heavy suitcase was FOUR kilos overweight and I had to pay frickin' 120 Euros at Narita airport) on a train heading for Asker where momma had parked her car.

The road was long..

Finally after a long drive from Asker we arrived at my childhood home in a itty-bitty place (that's not even a town) called Sjåstad.

Here I was greeted by:

Whose big fat ass is that?..!

Oh, hello Snowball
Looking especially grumpy today

There ya go

Where's Waldo?
Please notice mom has a banana tree
in her living room

This is how we keep warm in Norway
- by standing over the heater like this

Excuse the blurry picture,
we had to act fast

I went to bed pretty early, and the next day mom presented the grosest breakfast ever. No offence, mom, but lutefisk at 7 in the morning?

She has a great sense of homour, that one.
Lutefisk is a Scandinavian dish which is made from dried stockfish, also called whitefish. Most commonly, the fish of choice is cod, although other white fleshed fish can be used as well. The fish is rehydrated before being soaked in lye and then soaked in fresh water. Finally, lutefisk is cooked and served with an assortment of side dishes. This particular fish delicacy is a topic of intense discussion and debate in some parts of the world; it has a unique texture and scent which can be quite intense for first-timers.


My sister squealed when I poked it and revealed it's jelly-like consistency. No way I was eating that, jetlagged and miserable, at seven in the morning. No offence mom!

Morning view from
my childhood bedroom window
(stupid tree)

At nine we loaded the car with all of my junk that I had kept in my mom's storage while I was in Japan. Then we drove to Oslo and my beloved university to fetch the key to my new home.

Look what my momma got me
An insane amount of

Ueeeh, clutter!!

After dropping me and my junk off at Bjølsen Studentby, I spent the rest of the day getting settled into my new home.

This is all you'll get the next months
Ugly pictures
in the bathroom mirror

So, I'm back from Japan.

What to do with this blog?

I have a feeling my life will be pretty uneventful these next few months - besides, how interesting will it be to read about my life in Norway, anyway?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goodbye, Japan

Yep, this is my last day in Japan.

The entire day I've been throwing all of the stuff in my apartment that has kept me alive these past five months. Now I don't even have a fork. I've ran to the post office and sent a 8.5 kilo box with mostly books, said goodbye to my Japanese cell phone and spent a lot of time procrastinating, not wanting to weigh my suitcase on Wictoria's bath scale. I think it's a kilo or two too heavy, so I'm a tad nervous.

Yesterday I went to Sushiroo with Miku and gave her my bicycle and a bunch of other stuff. It was so sad leaving my trusty ol' bicycle - it didn't even throw me off once during our short, but happy, relationship.

Tomorrow morning at 7.30, Kobayashi san, the guy in charge of the international students' "welfare", is coming to drive me to Narita airport. My flight is at 10.20 and I'll be in Norway around 6 p.m the same day, thanks to the different time zones.

Looking forward to be seeing my momma again! But not so much to the temperature (minus 2 degrees celcius last time I checked) and all the snow.

I'm staying at my momma's house one night before gathering all my junk and moving into my new crib in Oslo.

I have my first class on Wednesday next week, and there's a lot to read. Longing to get to the study hall!

This evening we gathered at Wictoria's for an informal "Farewell Japan"-fondue party:

*Sigh* I need to clean my apartment.


Goodbye, Japan!

I have every intention of coming back in September, and then I'll be staying a whole year.

And I'll see you on the other side.. of the world!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Weekend: Ginza Paparrazi & Princess Heart Café

On Sunday morning I first went to Harajuku to buy a couple of omiyages (souvenirs), before heading to Ginza together with Benedicte.

Ginza, Tokyo

I love myself


More paparraziing:

Ugly dog

I love cute Japanese kids.

But I guess you've figured that out by now.

They are the best part about Japan.

Then, we went to a princess themed restaurant.

'Cause that's what you do in Japan.

Strawberry chocolate fountain

More self-worshiping

My dessert was crap

Then, on Monday morning, I went back to Togane.

Yep, that's it.