Monday, January 24, 2011

Late Christmas Dinner with the "In-laws"

One of my hard-working teachers

You try getting a bunch of Norwegians to learn Chinese.

Today we actually made the teacher cry.

I hope they pay her enough.

This evening Vidar and I went to his momma's house for dinner.

To my pleasant surprise we were having one of the many traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes; Pinnekjøtt - leftover from Christmas - and since I spent Christmas in Thailand, I haven't exactly had my share of greasy Christmas food this year (or, eh, last year that is).

Handsome maaan!

Ueh, blurry

Vidar making fun of me trying to get a
decent shot of myself

Pinnekjøtt is ribs of lamb or mutton that has been salted and dried, soaked for thirty hours in water before getting boiled together with birch sticks. Yeah. It's salty and rich, and very tasty!

Beer and aquavit
- a flavoured spirit produced in Scandinavia

Linus with his beloved tennis ball

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Study Date

Cat just got back from spending the winter holiday in Japan, and she brought me a Wasabi-flavoured Kit Kat.

It tasted like..

wasabi-flavoured Kit Kat. Without the horse-kick to your nose.

That was fun about living in Japan - chasing all of the crazy-flavoured Kit Kat they were selling. I remember my favourite being the green tea flavoured Kit Kat. I also tried miso soup-flavoured which was pretty good. The worst one must be the rose-flavoured Kit Kat - it was like eating perfume!

Today I went on a study date with my man.

Vidar was on a date.

And I was studying.

I've got nout to blog about. Booyah!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reunited with Wictoria & Back to School


Back at school and back to the self-inflicted pain.

No, studying Chinese is fun, fun, fun.

Unfortunately both Cat and Benedicte have dropped out, so now there's only me and...

.. Lotte!

(And Benj.)

After school yesterday I went to Benedicte's house for a grand fiesta, catching up with Wictoria who's been on a short trip back to Norway to celebrate Christmas before returning back to her studies in Japan.


Me and Asaki

Comparing belly buttons?
Then Miina got a little eager
Then it all went overboard

Look, look, look!:

He's still hanging in there. Credits to you, my love.

This morning..

*drum roll*

I went to school.

And spent a few hours couped up inside.

And then school was over and I had to go back outside, which I'd rather not at this time of year.

I'm cold!!

Benj and I on our merry way to the cafeteria
We made sure to find a seat next to the radiator
The cafeteria guy on campus said I'd gotten skinny
and then slapped some more food on my plate