Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yatzy Rebellion

Friday evening a bunch of us gathered at Wictoria's crib for some wholesome (..?) alcohol consumption and a game of Yatzy.



Kenta, Ken & Satoshi



And then, because I have stamina like a grandma, I went home pretty early.

The rest of the bunch went to the local karaoke joint and stayed there until 5 in the mornin'.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another day at the office

Lotte's refreshment at 09.25 a.m.

Last minute desperate reading before the kanji quiz of the day.

38 new words written with kanjis from hell to memorize and be able to read and write



hiragana reading: たいへいようせんそう

romanji reading: taiheiyousensou

meaning: "Pacific War"

Then, of course, 28 new words to memorize and be able to recognize when written in kanji:



hiragana reading: ゆうしょう

romanji reading: youshou

meaning: championship

First period: 09.30-11.00 a.m

Intermediate Japanese

Our main subject that we have six times a week, and is thaught by three different teachers.

Fujihiro sensee is so sweet, for some reason we never seem to remember her name, so among the Norwegians we call her "the one with the tooth" - but she truly is a sweetheart.

It was
Benedicte's birthday yesterday, and we kind of caught Fujihiro sensee off guard when we suddenly started to sing the Norwegian birthday song.

But today she had brought a bouquet of flowers to give to Benedicte and a birthday card
drawn by her 5-year-old daughter.

She's always saying that she doesn't want us to get sick, and that she feels like our mom - that she'd be
worried about us. And she praises us, saying that our Japanese is good. Even tough it really isn't.

Second period: 11.10-12.40

in Japanese

Lately we've been reading a crazy story about aliens coming to earth long before evolution created human beings, and how they leave an egg-shaped container made of sturdy metal in the desert, filled with things that would help humans maintain peace on earth. But then, when the humans finally discover it, we use an atomic bomb trying to open it, and then destroy everything inside in the prossess. Doh!

Luckily, today we read an article from the newspaper about the low birth rate in Japan.

BTW, I found out that having a kid outside marriage is
really taboo here. And that I think it's easier to understand a text in Japanese when it is realistic.

At lunchtime Cat and I went to one of the cafeterias on campus. It's like high school all over. Girls spend the entire lunchbreak putting on make-up and the wannabe cool guys stand outside the big windows, smoking sigarettes and play fight. I had made onigiri, inspired by my small session with Miku-san the other day. They kept me full the intire day.

Cat and her tonkatsu lunch

Third period: 13.20-14.50

Intermediate Japanese


But, with our favourite teacher, Watanabe sensee!

There's something about his character that is so lovable - he wants to be all serious, but still he is the most fun teacher, and he often tries to hide that he is laughing at our jokes by turning his back and write something on the blackboard, but we can see his choulders shake from laughing, and then he tries to be serious when he turns around again.

As a result of boredom from being stuck at this godforsaken place, most of the girls in the class has a small, juvenile crush on Watanabe sensee. Like me. Long live feeling 14 again, being infatuated by the authority.

We need to get outta here.

Magnus' birthday today, here seen with a present from some admirer

Squid snacks!
Lucky you!

Watanabe sensee <3>

Lol - it looks like Cat is being bullied by Heidi

Ugh, fall

Dewa, kyou wa owari desu!

That's it for today!

(Does anyone ever read this blog thing, at all?)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let them eat cake

We're bored.

So on Sunday we went to a place in Tokyo, called Ebisu, to eat fancy cake.

Cat drawing a picture of her dream guy.. or..

Shinya, Cat, Kuniyoshi, Wictoria & Benedicte

"Two story garage"


Anti-aging dental clinic?

Then we went to Ikebukuro.

Sunshine City Building. 60th floor.

Blurry. I don't really know how to work the camera

I iz good

Snacks for the busride home

Friday, November 20, 2009

Making onigiri with Miku-san

Poor Kitty-chan, someone just dumped you on the side of the road

On the way home from school yesterday it was so cold, and it was raining. It has been almost as cold as it is back home in Norway! At least there isn't any snow.

Luckily today the sun was shining, but still pretty cold.

I don't want to get run over by the train. Or a car. Or a truck.
I'm doing extreme sports riding my bike to school every day


LOOK!! Kiwi!

After school I went with Miku-san to her apartment.

She made onigiri, and I ate them.

Onigiri is a riceball with filling, often formed into a triangular shape and wrapped in nori (seaweed). It is very convenient and Japanese people often take it with them in their obento boxes (lunch boxes), and you can even get them at 7/11 as a small meal when you're on the run.

Today Miku made two simple kinds, one with tuna and mayo, and one with umeboshi (pickled plum). I'm not a big fan of umeboshi, but of course I ate it.

Voilà - miso soup and onigiri! Mm
The awesome moral support


I loved Miku's kotatsu - an awesome table with a built in heat source underneath it. But I felt so snug and cosy I soon became veeery sleepy.

I show Miku the miracle fruit effect