Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Benedicte aka. Regan MacNeil?

Wictoria thinks the Japanese Popular Culture class
a w e s o m e


Yes, I'm still an attention whore - but my life is so uneventful and there's never anything to blog about in this godforsaken country.

After school today, we denied the fact that we're all a bunch of extremely poor students and went to a fancy café.

If my mom knew how I waste money, she would roll around in her grave - and she's not even dead! Tsk, tsk.


Benedicte was in a peculiar mood today:

I think she was jelaous..

.. of Karoline's Hello Kitty beanie
(I mean, how could she 'not'?)

Then she took matters in her own hands..


But Karoline proved to be the superior one
And wouldn't let her get it

Much to Benedicte's



This means
Cup noodles for the rest of the week


Hello, me!

And I have a stalker! :D


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Binge Day

It's kind of hard finding anything fun to photograph in this country.

Especially now that it's winter everything is just.. white.

Yesterday I went to school and came across a group of kindergarden kids playing on the enormous snow mountain created by the trucks plowing all of the snow in the middle of campus.


Cat and Jacque

In the evening after school we went to Benedicte's house to.. binge.

Karoline & Benedicte preparing
pie crust

Benedicte's house is so fancy
it looks like something
outta an IKEA catalogue

I'm snoopin'

We made pizza!

Benedicte's famous
cup cakes


After eating Karoline's blueberry pie
we all looked like
messy kids who'd been out on a field trip

Wictoria making
mango and blueberry

Wah, I look scary

Waaay past our normal bed time (it was around 10) we rolled home, full and happy.

That's it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Study Date & Cinnamon Buns

If he looks a little crazy
it's because
he is

Today Petter came to my humble crib early in the morning for our study date - he even brought breakfast!

We spent the intire day preparing for our first Japanese class since we got back from Japan.

I had to rearrange
of my furniture
to make room for us

Fun, fun, fun!

Got it?
Me neither

This is how I'd like to remember
my momma
rebellious teen sister
Even though
they're not

When we got tired of studying Petter made cinnamon buns - and I watched.

What a mess


I present to you
Petter's cinnamon buns
(and my electronic dictionary)

Yep, that's it.

If I were to..

.. change my mind,

and, say, not return to Japan.

If I finished my degree at the university of Oslo by completing this coming semester,

and by studying Arabic the next school year

while busting my butt, working and saving money

in order to return to Thailand and hopefully

get to study Thai for a year at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

the city of my heart..

the language of my heart

Would you still follow me?

Would you still love me? (Haha)

I promise,

I'll take you with me

And show you my Thailand

In the short time that I've been home

I've realized how much I've missed

not being in Japan.

If I were to return to Japan for a year, through my Norwegian university

It wouldn't add up.

It wouldn't be worth the time


and money spent

considering we'd still be a herd of sheep

only as strong as our weakest link

Such a waste of good suffering.


What do you say?