Friday, March 18, 2011

Supporting Japan

This past week I've been collecting donations on behalf of the Norwegian Red Cross for Japan, and it's been a true joy.

News on the earthquake and tsunami aftermath, and the nuclear meltdown are in our faces all the time, and heart wrecking photos of the people's dispair in Japan makes those of us at the other side of the world want to do whatever little we can(, other than just be supporting Japan "with a click" on Facebook).

Who's currently studying in Japan
But now is on an extended holiday
at home in Norway

One of the 12 Japanese students in Oslo
who's created the group
"Oslo for Japan"
on Facebook

Marina being interviewed by
the Norwegian radio channel P4

Some other photos from this past week:

Lilly is quick to grab a book
whenever I pull out my camera

Ueh, schmeared lipstick

Asian babies are way cuter
than other babies

I want to have a baby..

.. with an on/off/mute-button

And for a while there we thought spring had finally arrived, and I even got to wear my exclusive 6 dollar sun glasses out for a couple of days:

I'm totally wearing a bra

But today it's been snowing again. Bah!

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