Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating Easter

Lately I've had a lot of time on my hands.

And that can, in addition to shamefully large amounts of photos of the narcissistic kind, easily result into 70s wallpaper inspired fingernails:

The end of this semester is nearing, and I've only got a week's worth of classes left before I'm supposed to be getting ready for exams and be writing term papers and shit, about whether or not the persecution of religious leaders during Mao's China truly was motivated only by atheism.

(I even figured that topic out myself. I tell ya, being a university student is one long exercise in self-inflicted pain).

I've actually finished my (first) bachelor's degree at the University of Oslo after this semester.

Bah, humbug.

I wish I had the brains for learning useful stuff. Like economics. Or accounting. Or business.

At least I make one hell of a tourist, being able to buy insurance at the post office in Japan, and discuss American football in Chinese.

Anyway, Lotte and I are slowly getting ready for six months in Beijing. We've bought plane tickets, paid for the insurance and sent applications to Peiking University.

So I'll be attending the same university as Mao Zedung went to.

That'll be a hoot and a half.

Yesterday Vidar and I went to his momma's house for the first barbecue of the year:

The star of the family

Note to self:
It's very mean to take
photos of people
while they're eating

Ginormous easter egg


Camilla said...

Hei :) Elsker bildene dine!

Bare lurte på ting, hvorfor drar du ikke til Taiwan, istedet for Kina? Er det fordi du ikke har hørt like mye om Taiwan, eller noen annen grunn? Ikke noe galt ment, i det hele tatt. Bare lurer. Bor i Taiwan selv, og er ikke mange nordmenn å se bortsett fra meg selv.


Kine Merete said...

Hei, Camilla! :D

Først og fremst er ikke det å dra til Taiwan et alternativ i denne omgang. Som en del av kinesiskstudiene ved Blindern inngår et obligatorisk opphold ved Beida (Beijing University), men jeg vet at hvis man velger å dra ut igjen gjennom Blindern senere kan man dra til Taiwan.

For meg er det egentlig ett fett. Japan, Kina, Taiwan. De er alle gule og det er alt like uforståelig. Neida. Joda

Camilla said...

Haha! ok. Jeg får fortsette på min norske jakt .