Monday, July 18, 2011

School, Ping-Pong & Tiananmen Square

Second week at school has started, and I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that it takes time to get used a new place, new teachers, new classes, new textbooks and working on creating a new routine for school work that works. Bah.

But yeah, it is a little bit overwhelming. The classes are all in Chinese, and you really have to pay attention during the entire class, because it is difficult to pick up the slack when your mind has trailed off and the teacher is explaining some complicated grammar point in Chinese.

And when it takes so much focus, and you're sitting there for four hours a day from 8 am in the morning... I get so sleepy.


But I'm smart, and I will do great. Just not the first two weeks.

My sucky essay about my first impression of Beijing,
full of mistakes

But I think I really like Beijing.

My speaking partner,

The other day I "watched" as Lars-Jørgen I and II, whom I share the same speaking partner with, as they had a match of ping-pong, the Chinese national sport, on campus. And by "watched" I mean "took the photos I needed and got the hell outta there".



Our own half-bred classmate,
- half Norwegian and half Shanghainese

On Friday Lotte and I went out clubbing with a few girls from class, and it was pretty fun!

The dress code for the night, which only applied to me, obviously, was "minimal amount of clothing, maximum amount of makeup"

Nice and blurry

Together with Hanna, Silje and Thea

Yesterday Zhou and I went to Tiananmen Square, and I took some photos.

Mostly of kids, of course

Smoking kills

"How some parents make their kids pose for photos
should be illegal", part II

Awkard family photo

Ugly smile-for-the-photo,
taught by parent

This guy walked around,
carrying a photo printer in his bag,
taking souvernir photos of families

"Are you taking photos of me?"

I was there!

Camwhoring baby


Very chic, ehr foldable hat

Taking the bus

Peking duck is pretty grosse

Hot Asian chick

Mmm, force fed duck

Out on a Sunday stroll with meemah

... and 15 minutes later I ran into them again:

'Someone' were on an ice cream run


Benedicte said...

Haha tror jeg hadde ledd litt hvis jeg så en politijakt med den sykkel/bilen/saken.

Fine bilder, gøy å se hva dere driver på med der borte!

Marie said...

Så mange fantastiske bilder av unger! Skulle ønske jeg turte å gå fram og ta bilder av folk, er redd for at de blir sure og kjefter :P