Friday, June 1, 2012

Post-final Exam Barbecuing and Sorrow-Drowning

Isak with his own home-made brew
(no moonshine)

After having survived the final 6-hour written Chinese exam on Wednesday, we all gathered outside after the ordeal, ready to drown our sorrows in alcohol (alcohol consumption on campus, oh yeah!)

Song Laoshi

Our former Chinese teacher from the first year came with his two yittle sons, Stian and Håkon; their momma's Japanese and their dady Chinese, and they're growing up in Norway - learning both Japanese and Chinese from their parents, lucky bastards.

Song Jr. I

Margrethe together with
Song Jr. II



Hot dogs or 热狗 (as in 'hot dog', lol)



And that's the end of my Chinese studies. Such a waste of good suffering.

One more term paper to write and I'm so outta here!

Two completed, good-for-nothing, bachelor degrees and four years wasted at the university.

It's time to learn a real trade!

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