Monday, April 5, 2010

It Aint Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

These past few days of my super exciting life:

Petter and I went out and painted the town red.

I provided awesome moral support for Vidar and Jakob when they got settled in their new apartment.


Then I tried to take photos of Jakob's ass, because I enjoy objectifying men like that.



Monday afternoon we gathered at Karoline's place for some heavy duty studying.


(Lukk opp døra!!)

And we had some serious stuff to discuss:

No, really.

Every one of us is writing a qualifying assignment for the Japanese popular culture class at the moment - in order to be able to write the term paper later.

I think I've figured out quite an interesting, and serious, topic - and if I can pull it off, maybe I'll write a blog post about it in a few weeks.

In between all of the studying, I couldn't resist bouncing around in Karoline's fancy apartment and snap photos like a crazy tourist. It was like being back in Japan! (Not that I miss Japan. At all)

Karoline's school bag

Karoline's school bag is so cool. She told me that every day, when she passes a kindergarden in the area, all of the kids come running, asking "what she calls her bag".

I don't blame them. I was surprised it didn't have a name. It looks like it has a name

A radio, of course


When we gave up studying we started to..

.. play Wii.

It was my first time playing Wii.

And I'm sorry to report that my lack of enthusiasm regarding sports is equally as meager when playing Wii.

Besides, Benedicte beat my butt.


Guess who the mean and scary-looking
Asian is

Tsk, tsk

Yep, that's it


Karoline said...

Jeg skjønner ikke hvorfor ikke jeg fikk være med på gay bar :( #1 dream.

mee said...

the picture with you in it, looks exactly like the Mona Lisa!!