Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cutie Pies and Package from Japan

Random pictures from these past few days

Petter - the Norwegian "Afghan Girl"
National Geographic should hire me

Petter & Benedicte

Yet another photo of Jakob's ehm..


Today I went with my mom to a TaeKwon-Do tournament hosted by my old TKD school in Lier. But instead of taking pictures of sweaty people battling, I soon got preoccupied by taking pictures of this little lady:

Little miss, are you implying that I
talk too much, or something?

Alba - the daughter of two of my instuctors from the TaeKwon-Do school in Oslo.

She is a proud big sister

And loves her momma

Cutie pie!

Finally, the package I sent before leaving Japan had arrived. It felt almost like Christmas!

But then I remembered I had only stuffed it with boring books. Gah

Ironically enough I now have all of my Japanese dictionaries and grammar books - a month before I'm finished with my Japanese studies. Oh, well.

My Josai International University mug!


cat said...

awww, så søt! elsket bildene!
og jeg kjente ikke igjen petter før jeg leste navnet hansXD

Petter said...

Haha, lol.

Roy Rolstad said...

Tusen takk for de fine bildene Kine:-)