Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodbye, Karoline

Makes you think someone's died, huh?

There's been a lot of goodbyes lately. Yesterday we gathered to say goodbye to Karoline who's also leaving for a year in Japan.

But first things first, the other day I had dinner with Vidar's momma.

Luckily she's much more normal than my own momma.

Moving on!

So yesterday we gathered at my house for a small preparty before heading out


I tried to trick Asaki into believing that
all Norwegians are able
to lick
their own elbows

She didn't believe me

Then we got occupied by the neighbours across the road - two guys cooking in their underpants

Entertained guests

Then we went out to shake our tailfeathers.

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Benedicte said...

haha jeg ser for meg hva de guttene hadde tenkt vis de plutselig så opp og ser at det står tre jenter med kamera og tar bilde av det. xD