Saturday, September 4, 2010

Makin' Macaroons


Yesterday it was Friday, which is a very nice day, especially when I'm not working.

After all of my classes had ended for the day I spent a couple of hours doing homework in the cafeteria at school.

Cat's new jacket
that I had to try on

Can you believe I did TaeKwon-Do for
ten years? Crazy

Then I went downtown to meet Vidar for dinner.

And have you ever wondered how it's like to be my boyfriend?

It ain't easy, I tell ya

Tsk, tsk. Poor guy.


since I'm such a rad and rebellious specimen of youth I headed to Benedicte house to spend the Friday evening making macaroons, which are small, sweet cakes consisting largely of ground almonds (thanks, wikipedia).

Asaki has just got a new camera
and was super excited


Dark purple macaroons

Me providing moral support


... three hours after we started:

They look like oreos!
Taste nothing like 'em though

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