Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kickin' it with the Homies

I need to buy a ticket to China soon.

I'll be studying at Beijing University from July 'til December.


Meanwhile I need to learn enough Chinese to survive:

At the language lab

Heidi 'loves' being my
(in crime)


Lotte and I are the only ones
planning on going to China next semester
(out of the gang who studied Japanese who's now taking Chinese)

Say what??
The teacher caught me swearing into the
earphones today.
I tell you, it aint easy to
say many of the tounge twisters
in our Chinese dialogues

Heidi being über-genki

Asaki, the midget

Asaki and Dag - the midgets

At every street corner in Oslo
at this time of year
they've got big signs
warning about
blocks of ice sliding off the roofs

But they don't give any alternative

Where am I supposed to walk?
In the middle of the busy street?

Last winter a young guy walking on the side walk
with his girlfriend got hit in the head
by a block of ice sliding of the roof
He's paralyzed and has permanent
brain damage


Since we're poor students, we went to this hoo-haa café called Pascal for some macaroons.

I had two and a half of them and felt neusious for the rest of the day. Won't be having macaroons again any time soon, that's for sure.


How do I do this again


You can take a black belt out of TaeKwon-Do class
but you can't take the TaeKwon-Do
out of the black belt

(Please let the winter be over soon, I'm cold)


Japaneren said...

Kjempemasse fine bilder! Det var cho omoshirokatta i dag:3

.;*Miina*;. said...

Kina går nok supert! Husker jeg klarte meg fint med språket da jeg var der, og jeg kunne jo ingenting! (hadde nipugget i to helger før jeg dro)

Digger stiler du kjører for tiden med hette(sjerf?)! kler deg supert

Anonymous said...

Uuuh så mange fine bilder <3 Meg liker! BLOGG MER!

Gleder meg til å lese bloggen din fra Kinaaaaa, det blir omoshiroi! Hohoooo!
Da er det min tur til å være kjedelig i Norge... Blah!

Benedicte said...

ååh jeg savner dere! jeg må komme meg opp til universitetet en dag!