Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating the Norwegian National Day

This time of year is filled with (desperate) studying, preparing for exams and writing of term papers.

In between I squeeze in time to enjoy spring..

.. and lunches on campus with hot Asian chicks.


After more than a year of intensive training, I'm finally able to harvest the fruits of my labor:

Vidar, cleaning my bathroom
- and we don't even live together!

And ironing my skirt..

(I'm really just kidding. Vidar does this stuff out of free will, well most of the time - no training aquired. Damn, what a good catch!)

.. just in time for:

The Norwegian national day!

Thuesday May 17th I got a break from studying for the Chinese exam next week, to celebrate the Norwegian national day.

I REALLY want a Norwegian national costume (and a Thai one, for that matter), but it is insanely expensive.

Maybe one day when I'm rich.

Snapping self-portraits,
waiting for the bus to
Vidar's momma's house
(while Vidar is looking the other way,
trying not to get too embarassed)


I made cheesecake!


Back to studying.


ねこちゃん said...

wow your boyfriend is really nice doing these things ;) mine too though.. :p

ねこちゃん said...

PS: the cheesecake looks delicious! and you too (>ω<*)

X. said...

Vidar er jaggu kjekk i dress! (smører på vegne av deg så han tar den på oftere;))
Sorthvittprofilen av han var kjempe fin, krysser fingre for at du fanger Thomas en dag på samme måten! :D ¤Ønsketenkning¤...

Camilla said...

Hei! Bare lurer på hvor mange kinesiske tegn du kan til nå? Du har ikke studert så lenge..?

Kine Merete said...

@Camilla: Det første året med kinesisk på Blindern har jeg lært å lese og skrive ca. 1000 kinesiske tegn. Og så har jeg jo tidligere pugget en haug tradisjonelle tegn da jeg studerte japansk i to år.