Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Modelling for Art Complexion

I love cosmetics.

(And I love taking photos - of myself, obviously).

There's a great makeup-artist school in Oslo, called Art Complexion.

It's seemingly well-known in the industry, and even Hilde went there - the brilliant artist whom I got to shadow during a photoshoot in Bangkok this past December.

Today the students needed "beautymodels" (ehr) for a photoshoot.

I was there!

I would love to be a student at that school.

But there's tough competition to get in, and it's crazy expensive.

I can't allow myself to spend that much money and a whole year on something like this, just because I love to play around with cosmetics.

And besides, the thought of having to be creative on command scares me.

I study Chinese. I don't do creative. I memorize stuff.

So it'll remain a faint dream. But if I ever win the lottery!

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