Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lotte's Birthday & Growing Babies

Life is being daily, ordinary and uneventful, and I can't see any reason to blog on and on about an uneventful life consisting of school, work and watching TV. 

But since I just got a comment from a guy from India urging me to "plz dont stop writing", I figured, hey, I'll throw in some photos (I never write that much? Hmm, come to think of it, maybe it was spam).

Vidar is still staying put,
and next month we're celebrating
our two-year anniversary!

Speaking of celebration, yesterday we celebrated Lotte's twenty-something birthday!

The menu consisted of:


.. And cupcakes!


 The other day I also met up with Amaia, who's currently living in Godforsaken Lilyhammer.

We had to wait for what felt
like ages for the sushi we'd ordered
- how long does it take to slice up
some fish?


And then we said 'hi' to Amaia's younger sister and her baby girl.

Little Angela has grown a lot since the first time I met her:


The end


ZappyGuy said...

hi,,Kine thanks for ur new post;
after i saw u mentioned abt me i got tears..thanks..keep gng..u need to know that i am the guy frm INDIA and I Mr.veerendra from Hyderabad,INDIA..i am 25.

what else..some immature talk.. i am following u[blog] frm last 1 year and read all posts[not lieing]..its a dream for me to learn foreign languages but present condition nt support me ..have to took real time job...thats y i become software programmer.

anyway i can imagine all the things u do like; i will be shadowing ..
atleast in Bangkok
which camera u use for stills?

is ur buddy Wictoria blogs?
let me know the link..she is so pretty.. [no-flirting]

see u again

veeru[my best pals calls]

Oskar Aarden said...

Baby Angela looks just like my girl. She’s all grown up now, and I can’t imagine how she went from small to big in a span of years… to me, she’ll forever be a pig-tailed, sniveling girl, hehe. Thank you for this!