Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Trulla's and Springtime!

The view outside the living room window
a few weeks ago 

Spring has finally arrived
and we can eat breakfast

Mmm, clogged arteries

University of Oslo

I'm well into my final round at the University of Oslo. Workin' hard to wrap up my second good-for-nothing degree, before I'll be packing my stuff and heading for yet another one of Oslo's educational institutions - it's time to learn a real trade for a change. Luckily I'm only 23 and still a baby, and there's certainly worse ways I could have wasted four years of my life on.

"Don't you dare put ugly photos of me on Facebook 
- I'll sue you"
(She won't say 'disinherit' 'case there's nothing
to inherit in the first place)
Mom hates all of the photos I take of her, saying that 
I make her look old,
like it's a conspiracy

I went to see my momma the other day.

I'm bored, so I've started going to the gym again - attending classes and shit - so I had to go dig out some of my sporty outfits that I've kept hidden at my storage at my mom's house for ages - I haven't broken a sweat in one and a half years! And ironically, I've never looked more fit. 

Until now. 

I figured, considering all of the crap I eat, it's time to get back to the gym. 

The downside is that my body has a rather unfavorable reaction to working out - in no time I gain muscle tissue and start to look all bulky and veiny, and shit - not very attractive. But hey, at least I'm maintaining the image hinted in this blog's title. 

I try to stick to cardio-workouts, though, but it's hell.

Ha Mok Pla - Fish curry wrapped in banana leaf, yum!!

Mom still misses Snowball
still talking to him like he's there
He's burried in the small garden patch
outside the front door,
I forgot to take a photo

Mom said she'd had her own little ceremony,
throwing a few coins and placing an orchid
on top of the grave she'd dug out of the ice-hard
dirt, burried under a couple of feet of snow

I can just picture it,
lil' Thai momma

But she seems fine and has even
ordered a trip for herself to Iceland! 

Vietnamese sweet sesame pastry
stuffed with sweet yellow mung bean
- pretty grosse

Yesterday I got to celebrate the birthdays of two of my most near and dear colleagues, Trine and Tulla. 

They had invited a small group of friends to a grand dinner party at their house, with fancy homemade hors d'oeuvres and stuff. I felt really honored and happy to having been invited to the shindig, and I had an awesome time!

Trine and her sister
prepping the salad

Trine and Tulla
and their son, Santos
- whom is currently vacationing
at his grandparent's house

Nifty table cards
- with photos; 
in case the alcohol intake made you turn
illiterate some time during the evening,
you'd still be able find your spot at the table

youngest one, 

Tulla & Sophie


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tulla said...

Veldig kult, Kine! Jeg skal spre det glade blogginnlegg :) veldig stas!