Friday, May 18, 2012

New Crib & Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day

I got a new heart rate monitor! 

(It's always good to make sure
you're still alive while
working out)

Run, run, run!

Vidar and I only have our current apartment until June 1st, so we've found a more permanent place to rent.

Where's Vidar?

We went to get the keys the other day, but we haven't moved in yet. Still have a couple of weeks left to gather furniture. Meanwhile there's also final exams and term papers that are due.. bah

We can stay here as long as we want,
and hopefully we'll stay here until we're able
to buy a place of our own

Yesterday was May 17th, the Norwegian Constitution Day, and I got to celebrate it together with Vidar for the third time.

My obsession with Black Swan

I never got to be a ballerina!
(that was never my dream, really)

Instead I rolled around on the floor, 
wearing a pajamas 
- not very graceful

The entire day yesterday I spent
alternating between
humming the Norwegian national anthem
and the theme melody of Swan Lake

It was the first Constitution Day since the terrorist attacks in Oslo July 22nd last year, where a car bomb killed eight people, and 69 people attending a summer camp - organized by the youth division of the Norwegian Labour Party - were mercilessly executed.

Norway is such a small country. And everyone knew someone, or know someone who knew someone.

I think the National Day this year was even more special and meaningful to a lot of people, including me. 

Vidar's momma

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