Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Norwegian Labor Day & Picnic in the Park

More random photos of food, you request?
Why, here you go!

Pork chops for dinner the other day 
(look at the grease *shudders*)

You can imagine the scene at home 
when I've been making dinner,
blood sugar is low 
and I've finished loading the plate,
and I'm like "f*@k, gotta take a photo"
and then, huffing and puffing
rush outside on the balcony
(better lighting)

Someone should be paying me for this,
or at least post comments

Made scones for 
breakfast this morning
for my own 
working class hero at home,
in honor of
Labor Day

And then I went to meet up
with another hard-working one:

Yesterday, while working on a stupid term paper at the study hall I got a text message from momma saying how she remembered how the first time we went for a drive after she had first gotten her driver's license in '93, when I was five, she'd taken the two of us to Oslo and the Vigeland's Park - that was on May 1th. 

Look, how young!
On my license, I'll be
eighteen forever

So then I suggested that we'd meet there today, May 1th 2012, and have our own little picnic.

When I arrived, I found that my momma, of course being my momma, had plunged down at the first patch of green grass in sight - located midt i glaninga - as we say in Norwegian. 

So, after today, I bet we're in the background in quite a few photos loaded on various tourists' cameras.

Oh, my momma.

But she doesn't mind, so I don't mind.

I make sure that Vidar has to hang out with my momma on regular basis, to remind him of where I've gotten my crazy from - and also how much worse it could have been.

 And I also got to use the one Korean 
word I know today:

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