Friday, July 13, 2012

Taking a 'Breather' in Turkey

Vidar stitching up 
his rugby shorts
- this guy does it all!

Summer time in Norway is a complete joke. It's constantly cold and raining.

Most Norwegians who have the time and money make sure to escape to someplace warm and sunny for a little while.

Guess which suitcase is mine.
Vidar has packed his swimming trunks and sandals,
and he is ready!

In Turkey
there were

And a swimming pool

I made sure to dress respectable
and appropriate,
being in a Muslim country, and all

Wonder what the restaurant owner 
is doing in the background

Praying for me to change my ways, ie get dressed, maybe?

Alcohol is expensive in
Turkey, being a Muslim country.
Should have thought about that

Most of the time we spent at the beach.
Naturally, I didn't bring my camera

Seriously good advertisement

Vidar definitely needs a
haircut like this.
So hot

It's all fun and games...

.. until the barber starts threading your eyebrows

'Someone' suddenly looks
five years younger!

 The only reason this photo is 
in black and white,
is so that you can't
see my lobster-like

Wine glass the size of my head
- just sniffing the content
and I'm seemingly already drunk

Still knocked out at 4 pm in the afternoon
after the tiring journey home 

"What is that annoying clicking sound?"

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