Friday, September 21, 2012

Since Last Time

After nearly a month of silence, I got a worried comment by my sole blog reader, mr. Veerendra  (from Hyderabad, India).

So, before he organizes a search and rescue team; Mr. Veerendra, this one is for you 

The truth is, I can't be bothered pretending to have an eventful life to keep blogging about it several times a week.

I'm learning a real trade now, studying to become a social worker - it's serious stuff - and that process is very little entertaining to neither blog nor read about.

So, life passes by, and the only stuff I photograph is my dinner:

 I miss Korean barbecue in Beijing


Cooking a chicken with a can of beer
up its arse 

And sometimes, my finger nails:

Last week, I provided excellent moral support, watching Vidar put together our new bed.

That was a hoot and a half, as I'm sure you can imagine

Last week, I finally got to collect a souvenir that my friend Morten got for me when he traveled to Argentina nearly three years ago.

 This comes in handy,
especially since I'm trying out this new image,
being 'friendly-Kine',
so God knows I need an outlet
for suppressed 
annoyance and bitchiness 

And the other day my diplomas from
the University of Oslo
finally arrived

Oh, this one is a treat:

Vidar and I moved into our apartment in May, and some time later we went to IKEA, got a lamp, got it up  - and then found out, there's no light switch. FOL (Fuck our lives)

 And if we want a light switch we have to get an electrician to connect it, and pay for it ourselves. That's like, at least 1500 NOK. Ahh.

So that project is still unfinished, but now autumn has arrived and it's getting dark earlier - so we need more light!

 See, no light switch

 More dinner photos

Last weekend, after two and a half years, my mother and Vidar's mother met for the first time. It was pretty nerve wrecking, but my mother behaved well most of the time.

My sister is turning 18 next month!
(And she has cut her own bangs) 

Vidar turned 30 yesterday, woop woop!  

 We went to a restaurant in Oslo
called Alex sushi, 
where they sell expensive, raw fish 

 Fancy place.
The chefs are probably Vietnamese, 
but have been instructed not to speak Vietnamese
to each other in front of costumers, so they
speak Norwegian
- and occasionally "blurt" something
appropriate out in Japanese (seemingly with a 
Vietnamese accent).

Anything to maintain the 
authentic image, I guess

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Shelnmum said...

Dear Kine, Mr. Veerendra (from Hyderabad, India) is not your sole reader! The second reader of your blog is Ms Esther from Singapore! ;) I even "stalked" your blog when I was in Bangkok last week but your new blog entry only appeared on 21 Sep which was my last day in BKK and when I didn't use the computer as I was busy doing last minute shopping at MBK! :) lol Please do not stop blogging! You are such a smart and funny girl! I am sure there are more than 2 readers for your blog! ;)