Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebrating Christmas


Vidar and his relatives are all
working extra this Christmas 
as Santa's helpers 


Even though it's the holidays
I still have to study
- I've got TWO exams straight after new years, gah 

 Momma cooking

 Steamed salapao..

.. with pork, onion and hard boiled egg filling

Mom's veranda

One of my favourite Thai desserts:
Black sticky rice with coconut milk cream 


Skyping with Aunt Lek in Thailand as usual



The other day mom and my sister came to our house for the first round of Christmas celebrations

Our Christmas-Yucca palm tree


 .. a lemon cheese cake!



And of course
mom had brought her laptop and webcam
so that our Aunt Lek could join the

 I bet YOUR Christmas food doesn't
contain seaweed 

 Tom yum soup with halibut fish,
pork laab and sticky rice

Mom showing off her food baby
to her sister 

My cheese cake and mom's Thai style 
coconut caramel pudding

Post-dinner stretch

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