Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Fiesta

As you know, Benedicte is currently studying in England.

She's home in Oslo for Christmas, so yesterday I went to her house to make gingerbread cookies.

Since last time her parents have moved..

.. seemingly to their own island in the middle of the Oslo fiord. 

Like, litterally.

 Overlooking the Opera house and the ship taking Norwegians across the sea to Denmark.

An abundance of cookie cutters

I look..
.. kiiinda crazy with those pig tails 



Assembling the gingerbread house

A mess

Petter swore he could taste the different colors of the Non-stop chocolate candy.

"The yellow ones taste like lemon!"

And then he insisted on a proper blind taste test 

Sucking on it for ages





"No - yellow"



Then Karoline handed him a red one.




".. brown?"










Three years ago, when we all lived in Japan, during Christmas we made a gingerbread house out of the gingerbread house set we'd gotten from IKEA:

Wictoria and Benedicte

And we cut our own Christmas tree out of card board and colored it with a green coloring pencil:

Three years later..

.. and we're still big kids!

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