Saturday, February 16, 2013

Serious Cookin'

Last weekend I went to visit my best friend, Anette.

Ages ago she and her boyfriend bought a new apartment and moved far, far away, to East Jesus Nowhere, also known as Larvik

Well, it's not exactly a deserted place, however it is pretty far away: two hours by train from Oslo. So, I haven't been. (Besides, train tickets are hella expensive).

Anette got some good news in the mail
that day

Officially STI-free.
(Just kidding) 

 At Anette's house there's cats.

They are pretty arrogant, commonly explained as "social anxiety".

They are vegetarians

Far away in the distance..

.. a famous Norwegian spa called "Farris bad"
- I really want to go there! 

 Caramelizing shallots..

 .. and boiling them in red wine

 Salt-baked potatoes


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