Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photoshoot with Wictoria & Birthday Celebration

Yesterday Wictoria wanted to get some shots of me, and I wanted to get some makeup shots.

I did a look inspired by this video by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge:


 I used a matte black shadow from Ben Nye as base, 
Copper Sparkle pigment from Mac on the lids, 
Old Gold pigment from Mac on the inner corners
and also the Graphite Glam from Isadora 
that I bought the other day!


Today Vidar and I went to his momma's house. First and foremost to celebrate her coming birthday, but most importantly: to collect our candy-filled easter eggs:

My third year getting my egg!


Vidar looks a lot like his momma:


I made a big Pavolva - a meringue-based cake:



 Boys (brothers) and their toys

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