Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Product Review: Isadora Eyephoria Eyeshadows

This joint has seemingly turned into a makeup blog.

Yay or nay?

The other day these new eyeshadows from Isadora caught my attention at H&M.

After having poked my finger into a couple of the testers, I immediately knew I needed them for my stock.


When making blog posts like this, 
I wish I could edit the settings so that my mom can't see 'em 
- like you can when posting stuff on Facebook.

Next time I speak with her, 
I guarantee you she will say something about 
all of the makeup being madness.

And it totally is.

But it's so pretty and I need it!

Mom, check out Dulce Candy's makeup collection on youtube:

I ain't got a problem!  

Graphite Glam

Desert Pearl

Great for the inner corner of the eye

Oh, man. How it creased. 

After approximately five hours it had completely slid right off of my eyelids (right down to my upper lip, creating a mustache).

I was really disappointed with these. Ideally, I was hoping they would be comparable to the Mac's veluxe pearl shadows. 

In fact they are like the L'oreal Infallible shadows:


They are beautiful when you swatch it with your fingertip, and they come off as creamy and very pigmented.

However, when you go in with a brush, they are quite tricky to work with. They work alright as an inner corner highlight, but if you want a wash of color all over your lid, it will crease, even when using a good primer (I used Mac's Soft Ochre paint pot). In my case it totally melted and evaporated from my face - I haven't experienced creasing like this since the 90's!

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. But I haven't experienced creasing like this since before I started using eye shadow primers.

I've had somewhat luck with the darker shadows from the L'oreal Infallible line before (Midnight Blue), but then I used Mac's Blackground as a base:

So when (if) using the Isadora Graphite Glam one again in the future, I would use it with a more sticky and dark base, like Blackground or on top of a dark eyeliner, or another dark shadow.

However, on its own, it's pretty crap.


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