Friday, April 19, 2013

(Anything 'but') Natural Beauty

Today I documented the transformation from bare-faced to made-up.

In my case there's no such thing as natural beauty: there's semi-decent makeup skills.

 This is what Vidar wakes up to every morning

After the first layer of war paint

I use concealer like 
most people wear foundation

Having set the background, 
wiping out my natural features, 
it's time to paint some new ones on

Most importantly, contour the hell outta your face!
Create the illusion of cheekbones, narrow
the forehead and nose, 
sharpen the jawline

 Illuminating highlighter
on the cheek- and brow-bones,
a little in the middle of the forehead, 
down the nose, chin and 
Cupid's bow 

 Finishing off with some white eyeliner on
the waterline to get as bug-eyed as

Badabing, badabang - natural beauty! 

A little reminder:


Have a nice weekend!

1 comment:

Lotte Solberg said...

Superfint innlegg! Jeg var forresten innom mac her om dagen, ønsker meg masse ny eyeshadow, både naturlige og ikke naturlige farger! Trenger også å prøve meg på en lettere foundation enn den jeg har nå. I de siste har jeg kun brukt BB-cream fordi jeg er lei av det feite laget med foudation :P Gotta luv natural beauty!