Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Small Recap

 The other day I bought a new friend
to celebrate that I've finished an
8-week internship

 I also tried to make beet chips
- it tasted pretty disgusting

This pie with pumpkin and spinach was way better

Vidar's dad is so HANDSOME!

A total silver fox

Vidar and I have also half-way adopted a ten-year-old cat:

She's still warming up to us

She's been called 'Sushi' the past ten years. So we call her 'Frida'.

She looks pretty nuts:

 She can stay as long as she doesn't 
crap on the rug

Today was the most sunniest and warm day so far this year, so after work, Vidar and I went to Benedicte's house for the first barbecue of the year.

The walk to Benedicte's house from the city center is pretty neat:

.. past the opera

 Hi, Benedicte!!

I got this reusable tumbler with double wall insulation 
online for my smoothies!


 Serious hot dogs

 *Iiik, a wasp!*

 Karoline checking the bottle of mustard
that expired over a year ago..

.. it was approved


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