Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kouyou - Autumn leaves in Japan

Homeless guy & busy sarariiman

Yesterday Wictoria and I decided to go to Nikko, to pretend like we're cultivated, young Norwegians, interested in seeing the shrines and temples that are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. What we really wanted was to take pictures of the
kouyou - autumn leaves.

First we took the train from Togane to Asakusa in Tokyo. We bought a Nikko Passport which included the 2-hour-and-50-minute train ride and entrance to the different temples.

We had a little time before we had to board the train, so we had a small look around in Asakusa.



Hazelnut tea, hell yeah

Ahh, I rest my case.

We only spent a couple of hours in Nikko before heading back.

The water had an insane color

Train seats in Japan have pretty funky colors

When they tell you to "mind the gap" - they REALLY mean it

"Please refrain from putting on make-up in the train"
You're seriously not allowed to do anything inside the train in Japan

When we finally got back to Togane, Wictoria and I found out that both our bicycles had been stolen from the bicycle parking lot by the train station. We spent 20 minutes going through the bikes in the area, in case they had been moved, or something. But no.

What are the odds of that happening? We didn't even park next to each other. So now I'm in the mourning of my beloved bicycle that only threw me off once during our short two-month relationship. I hope the new owner is treating it nicely, and I suppose he/she doesn't need the key to go with that lock.

I need to get a new bike, tough. It's the only way to get around in this God forsaken town.


Anonymous said...

sikker på at de ikke hadde blitt flyttet? de var ingen steder i nærheten av stasjonen? Min og Cat sykkel hadde blitt flyttet til et annet sted litt lenger bort fra der vi parkerte her om dagen. for det er jo litt rart at begge deres sykler skulle bli stjålet samtidig. ^^;

Fine bilder! Det så ut som et kjempe pent sted. :D

siriporn said...

Uff da, Ble det dyr for deg ?