Friday, November 20, 2009

Making onigiri with Miku-san

Poor Kitty-chan, someone just dumped you on the side of the road

On the way home from school yesterday it was so cold, and it was raining. It has been almost as cold as it is back home in Norway! At least there isn't any snow.

Luckily today the sun was shining, but still pretty cold.

I don't want to get run over by the train. Or a car. Or a truck.
I'm doing extreme sports riding my bike to school every day


LOOK!! Kiwi!

After school I went with Miku-san to her apartment.

She made onigiri, and I ate them.

Onigiri is a riceball with filling, often formed into a triangular shape and wrapped in nori (seaweed). It is very convenient and Japanese people often take it with them in their obento boxes (lunch boxes), and you can even get them at 7/11 as a small meal when you're on the run.

Today Miku made two simple kinds, one with tuna and mayo, and one with umeboshi (pickled plum). I'm not a big fan of umeboshi, but of course I ate it.

Voilà - miso soup and onigiri! Mm
The awesome moral support


I loved Miku's kotatsu - an awesome table with a built in heat source underneath it. But I felt so snug and cosy I soon became veeery sleepy.

I show Miku the miracle fruit effect


Wictoria said...

hihi, jeg skulle også ta bilde av den hello kittyen, men glemte det på tilbake veien XD

Hoshifune said...

Kotatsu er et must for å overleve vinter i Japan! Men sant at man lett blir trøtt og slapp.
Har lyst til å prøve den mirakelfrukt-greia.

Rich said...

It does look comfy for eating :)