Sunday, November 15, 2009


I think you've already got a hunch that we'll do anything to get away from Togane. And you're right. That's why we always try to make good use of the weekends and get the h**l outta here.

Yesterday, Wictoria and I went to Shibuya in Tokyo. Wictoria wanted to go to H&M and I wanted to, well, find something I could snap a photo of.

I don't really like shopping, but I tagged along to find H&M. Hundereds of people were lining up for something, and we soon got a bad feeling. People had been standing in line in front of H&M (with the line already going a few blocks down the road, for that matter) for several hours to get the first dibs on Jimmy Choo's collection for H&M.

In other words, we found something else to do.

No one ever takes a photo of me, so I gotta do it myself. Bohoo

So we took the train to Shinjuku, and Wictoria and I separated so she could go shopping and I walked the area in search of anyhing interesting to see. The weather was pretty moody, and it rained sporadically and the warm wind was very strong.




I even found a fruit shop selling two of my momma's favourite fruits
- durian and young coconut

Then we met up with Benedicte who had overslept, and Yoshi, a good Japanese friend of Wictoria whom she'd first stalked back home in Norway a few years ago.

Then we took the train to Yokohama.

It can get pretty intimate onboard the train. Mind you, one knee is mine,
the rest belong to strangers


I really liked Yokohama. It had stopped raining and the wather was warm. We even got to ride the humongous ferris wheel!

Yokohama bay

Yokohama from the ferris wheel

Yokohama from the ferris wheel

Then we walked to Chinatown for some chowder. I want to go there again!

Wonton Soup

Shrimp dumplings

When the sun set the sky had the most amazing color. I got so stressed because I really wanted to run back to the bay to get some pictures, but it was too far, and I was stuck in a maze of concrete. Oh, well.

Partners in crime - Benedicte, Yoshi & Wictoria

Wictoria and Green Tea Kit Kat!

Green tea Kit Kat

I'm most certainly not too old for blue and sparkly nail polish

Near Tokyo station

We've just figured out that there is a bus that runs directly from Tokyo Station to Togane - and it only takes around an hour! We felt a bit stupid, considering that we've been taking the train home all this time, when it has taken us up to three hours, and that we've had to change trains a bunch of times. Never taking the train home again, that's for sure.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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