Saturday, January 16, 2010

Petteru-san: Inspirator, Motivator and Chef

We're all a bit tired now. But there's only three more days at school to go, people!

We had a test in our litterature class on Friday, which was pretty hard. On Monday we have our final test in Supermario sensee's class, dealing with Japanese idiomatic phrases, and on Wednesday we have a big final test in our Intermediate Japanese class. Puh! I'm so looking forward til Wednesday is over.

On Thursday we get our "reportcard" - mind you, we still have one more "class" after that. In Japan they obviously go for quantity instead of quality, which we've realised a long time ago.

My last few days in Japan after that, I'll hopefully be able to make the most of it. I'm planning on visiting a few places in Tokyo that I've been wanting to go to.


This evening my beloved friend, Petter, made us all a feast. Petter loves to cook, and he is great at it. I also love the fact that he enjoys baking, as he used to invite me up for cake all the time before we went to Japan, when we lived in the same building in Oslo.

Preparing dessert

Skimming through the cook book once in a while..

Let me tell you a little more about Petter.

Petter is my inspiration. We come from the same small town in Norway and he is one year younger than me. He is so sweet and down to earth.

And he is a lingual genius.

He's 20 years old and started teaching himself Japanese four years ago. He's already at such a high level, that if I'll ever get half as good as he is, I'll be really happy. Mind you, he also speaks Korean, a bit of Vietnamese and his skills in Turkish even brought him to some big competition in Turkey a few years ago.

Last year, when we were still at our university in Oslo, he took three times as many classes than what is normal. In addition to the Japanese classes (where most of us already had our hands full), he's studying Chinese at the same time, in addition to taking classes in Icelandic and some weird African language.

This semester he even took a class in Japanese sign language.

Next semester God knows what other languages he's going to add to his plate. He's talking about buying a textbook on Thai grammar, so I guess he'll be able to read Thai after an evening of looking through the book.

Still he never brags (as I would have). He is always helpful and his enthusiasm is so contagious.

He's amazing!

And what is his goal? To teach. He is so frustrated by the fact that he feels that our university in Oslo don't offer the students a big enough variety of languages, so he says he'll learn the languages himself and become a teacher at the university. But he also dreams about creating his own school. He has already shown me the blueprints.

I'm so proud to have him as a friend!

.. which of course is in Japanese.

Delicious Korean food

Petter giving Wictoria a massage..
using the tripod for her camera