Friday, March 19, 2010

Old Neighbours & Chatroulette

Anké from France
who's now living in my
old dorm room

So, yesterday I was invited to my old crib for dinner with former neighbours at Kringsjå Student Village, aka. communist Russia. I lived there for almost ten months before I went to Japan, and I shared a kitchen with this handsome guy:

What's with the mask, Benjamin?

When I arrived Benjamin was all giddy about his new discovery: Chatroulette. It had occupied him the entire afternoon, and he was more than excited to drag his computer out in the kitchen to show us.

Chatroulette is a website that pairs random strangers for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website randomly begin an online chat (video and text) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.
(Thanks, wikipedia)

The mask and shades were for "protection" - there's a lot of perverts on there, which we, to our amusement, got to experience over and over again. I've heard about chatroulette before, but never tried it - I feel like I have to put on makeup first!

Anyway. Yah, a lot of weird people on there.

I love what you've done with the place(..)

Then I had to try:

Just gotta adjust the rack first
- gotta look presentable!

Despite the fact that I tried my best not to look repulsive, still the seemingly normal people I came across were suspiciously quick to initiate another random connection when they saw my face. After a while I started to take it personally.

I bet they suspected that I was a ladyboy!

Tsk, tsk.


Remember my stalker?

Well, here he is:

(obviously, stalking me pays off)

Oh, and the photo is blurry
because I'm frickin' talentless with
my new lense

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Anette said...

Kjekkas! Sikle..
Si ifra om du får flere stalkere du ikke trenger.