Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rice Bowl & Alice in Wonderland

Sweet Lorraine making time pass
by offering me

I promise you, my Japanese Popular Culture classes on Wednesdays are so boring. I stopped paying attention three weeks ago.

There's a fancy visiting professor from Japan that's been giving lectures these past few weeks, and I spend more time during his classes giggling to myself when listening to his heavy Japanese accent then anything else.

I don't give a rat's ass about Japanese popular culture.

I can't wait to write the term paper.

I think I'll write about Japanese porn.

Won't that be 'popular culture' enough?

I gave myself a headache, getting all cross-eyed
from watching a guy sitting three rows below me
playing guitar hero
on his iphone.
I was jelaous

At least Wictoria was doing something useful with her time
by doing the homework for
tomorrow's Japanese class

After school we went to celebrate that this month's student loan had finally arrived at our meager bank accounts.



The best Thai joint in town

Benedicte trying to decide


Tom Kha Gai

Kuey Teow Nua

Then, people
We ran into Cat
on her way to a concert.
She's gotten in to a fancy university in Japan,
so I bet she's pretty stoked these days!


Then we met up with Wictoria and Asaki to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D.

Japanese people snack on
goyas when they're at the movies.

The glasses and the whole 3D gig made my eyes and head hurt. Oh, and I fell asleep during the movie.

Successful day, indeed.

Og snipp, snapp, snute, så var studielånet ute.

The end


Asaki said...

watashi kirei ne

Hoshifune said...

Wow, var filmen så spennende at du sovna? :P Gahd, kan ikke tro at det er så lenge til jeg får se den >.<