Sunday, March 21, 2010

Momma's TaeKwon-Do Practice

Lots of knickknacks in
Anette's apartment..


Bright and early Sunday morning we got up from a rather festive night out.

Anette needs to brush her hair, btw

We were "The three friends, and Pål"


Then, I went to see my momma. I haven't seen her since she helped me move when I got back from Japan.

She was pretty happy to see me, see:

My momma's slippers

I look like a result from
Frankenstein having a baby with a pig.

After a nap I went to my old TaeKwon-Do school to watch my momma during her practice.

My do-jang for eight years

My momma's still like a kid

Drop and give me 50!

Can you believe she's almost 50?!

Watcha doin', momma?


Anonymous said...

your mum rocks!

siriporn said...

I received energi from my kids that why Im standing on my feet.