Monday, May 3, 2010

Open wide and say ahhh..

These past couple of weeks I've

Spent time with this guy

Had a cold due to weather mood-swings


Met up with my best friend

Terrorized my boyfriend




Thanks to Karoline's persistency Wictoria, Benedicte, Karoline and I are going to see the new Twilight movie at the end of June at this fancy out-door gig.

Personally I don't give a rat's ass about Twilight, but I have to say my friends' enthusiasm is kind of contagious - besides I'll objectify men by only going to see a movie in order to see them half naked any day.

Karoline and Benedicte's homestuffed elephant

I got to listen to Benedicte play beautiful music
for the first time

Benedicte's fabulous
carrot cupcakes with
blue frosting


Wictoria was so preoccupied with munching on a cup cake
She didn't notice a suspicious odor..
I suspect it was a conspiracy
Benedicte and Karoline

Maybe Karoline was worried
there wasn't enough
cup cakes..


Iiish, look at that forhead

For some reason this post made me think of a menu at a restaurant in New York last year:

Hmpf. That translates into "Kine - the whore" in Norwegian
Nice one.


Hoshifune said...

What a sandwich! XDD

Anonymous said...

når jeg blir frisk skal jeg spille ordentlig en gang! :]

Silje Meum said...

Åååh, de cuppiceki'ene så dødsgode ut. Har sååå lyst til å løpe i butikken og ordne stæsj (but I don't)