Monday, July 12, 2010

Boys' Trip to Amsterdam: Part I

Yeah, so..

On Thursday me and three very close friends went for a four-day stint to Amsterdam, because we're such cultivated young Norwegians.


We went on a full blown boys' trip, and I didn't even visit a single museum during our entire stay.

At least I wanted to take a few pictures, but it's a bit hard when it easily turns into boring touristy shots, and there's ugly tourists - yours truly included - everywhere.


Our ride
And Anette greeting
like she greets
and their grandma

You can't expect me to look presentable
at 4.30 in the morning

The troops gathered
@ Oslo airport

Both Heidi and Linn had bought
But 'I' didn't even look at a map
Needless to say,
the first day I got so lost

At Schipol airport we were greeted by:

And we were like,

Since we arrived in Amsterdam a few hours before check-in, we had to stash our gear in the the hotel's humble luggage room:

I present to you,
Anette's Ass

Then we went out to explore, and I was ready:

I still need to work on my

We went to refuel, but I soon got destracted:

Face shot not necessary

Random chick

Random dude

I love paparazziing people. Even my friends.


As you might know, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and everywhere in Amsterdam independent prostitutes rent rooms with big windows on street level per the hour, and strutt their stuff in the window, hoping to catch the interest of people (men) passing by.

At day time we would pass windows with middle-aged women sitting in their bustiers and high heels, flipping through a magazine, talking on the phone and looking bored. At night time the same spaces would be occupied by hot young girls.

I'm all for legalizing prostitution, and I don't believe in victimizing prostitutes.

And they love it when people take their picture:

Yeah, yeah.

Off we went to smoke a water pipe with mint flavoured tobacco.

Then we were allowed to settle in at our hotel:

What Anette is doing?
Checking for hidden cameras,
of course

Anette on the phone with her mom
who won't hang up

Cool dude

Lots of people
bicycling in Amsterdam


Cactus liquor

Any restaurant in Amsterdam
with self respect
comes with a collared cat

Then, it all went straight to hell for yours truly.

Let's maintain the illusion that it was caused by the absinthe, at least.

No further details provided.

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Silje Meum said...

Absinthe? Awesome! And I absolutely LOVE the window bitch :D