Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boys' Trip to Amsterdam: Part III

Anette and chillin' cat

What kind of look that is?
That's a


Who gives a shit, right


The next photo series I will name

"Kine and the two handsome men":

I sure gave them a show

Guess what
We weren't the only ones
taking pictures

Chocolate-covered strawberries

A baby who must take after it's mother

In the evening it poured.

Bored yet?


Anonymous said...

Mange kjempefine bilder! :D ser ut som dere har hatt en bra tur! ^^

Mila Couch said...

You are so bloody funny with those pose near the river with the background of those two guys, hahahaaaa...

PS: Love all your stories, they are so interesting and hilarious!