Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back from War

The naked truth

My best friend, Anette, is finally done with her one-year service in the Army.

So the other day she met up at my place to slap on a different kind of war face, before going out to celebrate.

Anette has had a hair cut, and when I told her it made her look even more like her momma..

.. she was very happy.

Swallow your beer, hon

So, as punishment for the mom-comment, she ate my food

Then.. we went out.

And as a result of this, I spent the entire Friday wishing I was dead.

Great success!

1 comment:

Anette said...

Hehe, liker at hele blogginnlegg handler om meg :D Ikke at jeg blir høy på pæra eller noe.
Kule bilder, skulle bare hatt et annet motiv, hehe.

Kjempe klem! Takk for at du ble med ut og feiret med gutta! :)