Monday, December 20, 2010

Laundry and Lumphini

My vacation in Thailand won't always be life-altering.

Sometimes it'll just be normal.

You know, like, hang out with friends and relax and stuff.

Still there's awesome pictures!


Offy is easily one of the most beautiful
Thai women I know


The other day I needed to wash my clothes using the coin operated washing machine downstairs, and I got a little assistance:

The lady supervising the laundry joint's daughter

Asian kids sure love Pocky

It's a dog eat dog world


On Friday evening I bumped into some Norwegians in the elevator where I live, and the next morning we met up by the pool and in the evening wound up going to this fancy club together.

Too bad I had to get up early the next morning to travel to Rayong, or I'd probably be getting shitfaced on tequila-based drinks.

On a second thought.. it was probably a good thing I managed to keep self-controlled.

(More on my fabulous Rayong-stint in the next blog post)

Normally Norwegians don't interact with people whom they don't know.

In Norway, if a stranger says 'hi' to you when walking on the street, a Norwegian would probably think that

a) He's drunk
b) He's crazy


c) He's an American

However, such behaviour (speaking to someone you don't know, God forbid), among Norwegians, is socially accepted on two occations (where fellow Norwegians feel especially close-bonded):

1. When your hiking/cross-country skiing out in the forest/mountains
2. When you're abroad (close countries like Sweden and Denmark are not included, I reckon)

So when the elevator doors opened and I heard Norwegian being spoken, I almost felt obliged to speak out.

And I'm glad I did, 'cause they turned out to be a group of really nice people.

I even got to leech on their lunch, high five!

Before going out clubbing on Saturday I went to Lumphini park, which is a very big and popular park in Bangkok.

The year I lived in Bangkok I had Kung Fu training there on the weekends at 7 in the morning for a while. (my Kung Fu career was exeptionally short, I assure you)

Some homo-erotisim (that's not even a word) for ya

Iron-pumping baboons on steroids


Wannathida said...

Nice pics and journal! :) I hope u enjoy your vacation in Thailand..and nice to meet u again!!

Hope to see you soon ja! :D

Offy said...

P.S. I like your pics of the childen! feeling good..innocent and natural.. :)

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